University Hills Neighborhood Association

Austin, Texas 78723

Unity - Equality - Leadership

Ongoing Projects

At the present time, the University Hills Neighborhood Association is diligently working on the successful conclusion of the following projects:

    *    Passage of a City of Austin ordinance, based on the HB 216 State Law's seven Model Standards; purpose of the ordinance is to provide adequate health and safety standards for disabled residents presently being warehoused in locations operating without governance by the City of Austin.

    *    Working with the Community Development Commission regarding the appropriate placing of any additional low income housing in the Northeast Austin area including the present proposal for low income housing to be included in the development of the Colony Park PUD.

     *    Working with the Austin Police Department to establish better communications and assistance in all matters affecting the Northeast community including burglary of residence, car theft and/or vandalism of vehicle, enforcement of the Loud Noise Ordinance, graffiti removal, park protection, response time to problem calls and areas, availability of officers in charge of an area, and equitable treatment of citizens involved in police matters.

     *    Encouraging community residents to avail themselves of membership in the UHNA; annual dues are $10.00 per year, and through your membership provide guidance, leadership, and strength in support of maintaining the viability of our single family neighborhood.

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