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Community Resources

Austin Police Department (APD) District Representatives
University Hills is served by two representatives depending on your street location.

Ida 1 -  West of Manor Road: Officer Harold Ristow
                 Phone:  512-974-5046

Region 3 - East of Manor Road: SPO Erica Danielle
                  Phone: 512-974-5198

                                                            "Keeping you, your family and the community safe."

Always dial 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. And remember that 3-1-1 operators are available to help with non-emergency issues.

Austin Citywide crime data is available at: 

Code Enforcement:
The City of Austin has created City codes and ordinances to protect the health, safety, and quality of life for the citizens of Austin. Solid Waste Services' Code Enforcement division investigates reports of most code violations and ensures that the standards required by City codes are met. Code Enforcement works closely with local authorities to bring properties into compliance.

However, certain types of code violations, such as illegal parking violations, are investigated exclusively by the police.
To report a Code Violation, please call 3-1-1 or 512-974-2027 - or visit Austin Code Department web site at

Additional phone numbers:
Abandoned Junk Vehicles ...........  512-974-8119
Drug & Gang Activity ................... 512-974-8609
Graffiti Hotline .............................. 512-974-2000
Non-Emergency Problems ............ 512-974-2000

The official City of Austin web site:

Austin Neighborhoods Council - 

UHNA Area and City-wide Involvement:
The Association was established on March 6, 1972 as the University Hills Homeowners Association,
referred to as the UHHA. The UHHA was established as a civic organization of property owners (not an HOA)
concerned with maintaining the single family residential footprint of the University Hills area and the preservation
of Dottie Jordan Park and all its facilities as established when the community was formed.

Joan Bartz, and Vera Givens, UHNA President at the ANC presentation on May 9, 2013

Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) News:

In 1972, Joan Bartz created the University Hills Homeowners (now Neighborhood) Association and served the first two terms as President.

In 1973, Joan Bartz founded the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) serving as president/coordinator for the original eighteen ANC members groups.

On May 9, 2013, past presidents of the ANC were honored by the City Council on the 40th anniversary of its founding. Presentation of certificates to each ANC president concluded with remarks by founder, Joan Bartz.

     Joan addressing those in Council chambers for the presentations -      

                                                  The current president and former ANC presidents gather for a photo -

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