University Hills Neighborhood Association

Austin, Texas 78723

Unity - Equality - Leadership


Within the past four years, the needs and concerns of the University Hills community have been addressed by the following UHNA accomplishments.           

*    Through
a Citizen Task Force, established in 2008, documentation of disabled citizens warehoused in rogue (no license, permit, staff, safety, health protection) homes in the Northeast area of Austin.  Found and lobbied for passage and signing into law (2009) of the HB 216 State Law regarding adequate health and safety standards for residents of such homes.

*    Prevented closure of the Dottie Jordan  Park Recreation Center by the City of Austin by working with area organizations to complete a successful petition drive against the closing and providing pertinent legal documentation preventing such action by the city. These endeavors resulted in a 7-0 city council vote for the center to remain open.

*    Sponsored a gathering of 11 Northeast Austin neighborhood organizations to discuss the Imagine Austin proposal and the potential, long-range effects on communities in Northeast Austin.

*    Sponsored a City Council candidates forum held at the Dottie Jordan Recreation Center prior to the 2012 council election.

*    Worked for preservation of the UHNA Future Land Use Map (FLUM) by successfully defeating an attempt to upzone property on Manor Road.

*     Protected students at Reagan High School by working with a coalition of neighborhoods and civic groups to prevent the selling of alcohol within 50 feet of Reagan High School.

*    Lobbied successfully for the vote by the AISD Board of Trustees to convert the Pearce/Garcia Middle Schools to Single Gender Schools thereby assuring that our community students will receive a long overdue equitable education which will provide the opportunity to these students to become leaders in their community and the city as a whole. Backed AISD's hiring of Sterlin McGruder as principal for the Young Men's School.


The University Hills Neighborhood Association membership honored past presidents of the association at the general m
eeting on November 16, 2012 each of the presidents were introduced and invited to share their accomplishments during their term in office.

The former UHNA presidents in attendance were (left to right):  BJ Taylor, Edgar Whitfield, Mary Alice Brown, Al Weber, Bobbie Fowler who stood in for her husband Seth who was unable to attend, Joan Bartz and active president Vera Givens.



Former president Phyllis Waelder tells of her accomplishments as UHNA president.

Sheryl Cole, then-Mayor Pro Tem greeted the members and thanked the Association for all that we do to enhance our Community. Ms. Cole is pictured with Vera Givens, President UHNA at the time.                                                       

"You Are Special" was the message on the cake presented to the former presidents. 


After the cake cutting - refreshments were enjoyed by all attendees.                 

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